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$450 per individual or $650 for couples

The right Powers of Attorney name who will make decisions for you during your lifetime, if for whatever reason you can’t make those decisions yourself. Often that happens as a result of an unexpected car accident or fall, illness, stroke or Alzheimer’s.

Your Power of Attorney will authorize a trusted person (your “Agent”) who will pay your bills nd manage your affairs if you cannot do so yourself. Your Health Care Directives will name who makes your medical decisions if you cannot. You can also state your wishes for medical care, and who can talk with your health care provider and receive protected information.

Many people have only a Will, and don’t even realize how important Powers of Attorney are for financial and medical decisions. Or they have outdated or limited powers of attorney that provide powerless just when they are needed the most and the person can no longer sign updated documents.

Your Powers of Attorney end upon your death. You would need a Will to state your final wishes about managing your estate after your passing. You need a Will for many reasons, including naming Guardians for your minor child. You can learn more about Will-based packages on NCEstatePlans.com.



PLEASE NOTE: This package does NOT include your Last Will.

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