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Protect your family and make your wishes known, with NC Wills and Powers of Attorney. Includes customized documents, do-it-yourself pricing, and a complimentary 30-minute review with an experienced North Carolina estate planning attorney.

“Estate planning is an investment in your family’s security and your own peace of mind.”
-Dennis Toman

Starting at $550

Will Packages

A plan for who will settle your estate, what will happen to your assets, and who will look after your children. Includes your Will and Powers of Attorney.

Starting at $450

Powers of Attorney

When you don’t need a Will, but want to name who would make your decisions if you cannot someday, and how you’d like to be cared for if ever needed.

How It Works

Take it one step at a time

Start by registering for a free account and answering some simple questions at your own pace. Most people complete everything in about 15 minutes. We’ll email your draft documents for review, and you’ll wrap everything up with a brief signing appointment at our office. You’ll leave with your original, signed documents and more peace of mind.

Your plan protects what matters most

With the right plan, you decide how your financial and medical decisions will be handled and not the courts. Your family and loved ones are taken care of, and you can name guardians for minor children.

What to expect

Personalized documents in 3 simple steps

Answer a few simple questions.

Most people answer these questions in about 15 minutes, but you can take as long as you wish. Decide what’s right for you and your family to create documents customized to your specific needs.

Order your documents and receive drafts.

When you’re ready, order your document package. We’ll prepare your documents and email them for review the next business day.

Sign & notarize at your convenience.

You have two ways to make document signing a breeze. Simply schedule your 30 minute in-person appointment at our office and we’ll provide the witnesses and notary. Or you can do the signing yourself, after you’ve spoken an attorney in our office by phone or zoom.

important things you should know

Frequently Asked Questions

About NC Estate Plans Online

NC Estate Plans Online is an online document drafting service offered by The Elderlaw Firm. This is designed to assist NC residents who want documents designed by an expert NC attorney, through an online process that allows for lower, do-it-yourself pricing. Because documents are only effective after they are properly signed, we also have include a complimentary signing meeting and free 30-minute review with our office at that time.

We want to help more people to have proper estate planning. We fully understand that many people have routine estate planning needs. NC Estate Plans ensures that people can get the help they need, at prices that are lower than if they met first with our attorneys.

We see every day examples of the extra costs, delays, heartaches and headaches that improper estate planning causes. We hope that we can allow families to deal with untimely death and disability, and to have the peace of mind that proper estate planning brings.

The Elderlaw Firm is an estate planning and elder law firm located in Greensboro, North Carolina. We re are able to assist NC residents throughout the state of North Carolina.

If you are not able to come to our office for your complimentary document signing, then after we have a virtual meeting with you to review your documents we can email the documents to you for signing, or we offer a complimentary one-time shipment.

NC Estate Plans is a service of The Elderlaw Firm. We are a private law firm in Greensboro, NC. Dennis Toman founded The Elderlaw Firm in 1982, with the mission of providing our community with elder law and estate planning services to protect their home, savings and family. Dennis Toman is a NC Board Certified expert in Estate Planning, Probate and Elder Law.

Getting Started

An estate plan provides instructions for what should happen upon a person’s incapacity or death. An estate plan allows people to make sure their wishes are known and respected. A proper estate plan will make hard times easier for ones, and provides peace of mind.
A typical estate plan includes a Will that designates the person who will settle the deceased’s estate, and states who will receive an inheritance. The Will also names a Guardian for minor children, and can include a Children’s Trust to manage a child’s inheritance until they are old enough to make good decisions (for example until age 25 or 30).

Proper estate planning requires having Powers of Attorney to appoint a trusted relative or friend (called an Agent) to make financial and medical decisions for you in you are not able to do so someday.
Failure to plan means the State generally results in more expense, more delays, and more heartaches and headaches, for both death and incapacity.

Online estate planning is best to reduce costs, for routine planning and typical situations. We have seen too many mistakes when people do estate planning that does not involve any attorney review, or with documents that are improperly signed.
That’s why we have built amazing technology and include a no-cost attorney review during your complimentary signing meeting.
If you have sizeable assets or a complicated situation then you should definitely retain an experienced estate planning attorney.
But if you have a typical situation then online estate planning can work very well, especially when paired with our complimentary attorney review, and save you money, too.

Sometimes, yes. For example, you should hire an experienced estate planning attorney if you have a child with special needs, or you are wanting to avoid probate court, or if you have a son or daughter who makes bad life decisions. Also, getting your attorney’s advice would be important if you have sizeable assets (generally $250,000 or more plus a house) or want to protect against future nursing home costs.
If you’re in a situation where you think you might need an attorney to customize the right estate plan for you, you can call our office at 336-378-1122. We offer a free initial case evaluation so you’ll know whether we can help, and the price you can expect.

Most people complete the simple, step-by-step questionnaire in 15 minutes or less.
But if you prefer you can take as long as you wish. Some people prefer to take their time to answer the questionnaire. You even can answer some of the questions and then close the questionnaire and come back later to complete it.
The good news is this is simple and you can proceed at your own pace. That’s up to you.

A benefit of NC Estate Plans is that you know the pricing before you even start. Please visit our pricing page for pricing information. Also, we offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. 

Yes you can. North Carolina requires that the lawyer needs to talk with the person before they review and sign their documents.
If you’re answering the questionnaire for someone else, please make sure to answer from their perspective. For example, when the questionnaire asks about marital status or children, you’ll answer that for them not yourself.
Anyone who signs estate planning documents must have the legal capacity to do so, and not be under any constraint or undue influence. That is another reason why having a proper signing meeting is important, to have documents that are legally binding under North Carolina law.

That depends upon your situation and your goals. A Will makes a person’s wishes known in the event of death. If there are assets that pass under the Will then a court proceeding is required, which is called “Probate.” A Trust on the other hand is a way to avoid or reduce the Probate process. A Trust involves more work up front but it can save time, expense, delay, and family friction later.
Generally Trusts are used when there are significant assets (typically $250,000 or more) that would otherwise require probate. Trusts are also used for tax reasons and to preserve assets against future nursing home costs.
You can ask the attorney at your signing meeting whether a Trust might be advisable. If at your signing meeting you decide to upgrade to a Trust-based plan, the price of your NC Estate Plans estate planning will be 100% credited to doing a Trust for you instead.