Streamlined estate planning, with do-it-yourself pricing and experienced attorney review.

At The Elderlaw Firm, we’ve helped thousands of North Carolina clients prepare personalized estate plans. We’ve developed NC Estate Plans specifically to help people who prefer a do-it-yourself approach to customize their own plan, at a lower price, and still have their plan reviewed by an experienced North Carolina estate planning attorney. Attorney Dennis Toman founded The Elderlaw Firm over 20 years ago, to provide caring, knowledgeable and responsive estate planning and elder care law services.

Ready to help North Carolina Residents.

Our offices are located in Greensboro, NC, where we have a remarkable group of dedicated professionals helping clients make better plans for life’s uncertainties. Together with our remote team members, we all work to provide clients with amazing client service and the right estate plan prepared for each client’s situation and goals. We help people navigate life’s challenges through better planning. Through NC Estate Plans Online we can offer people throughout North Carolina customized Wills and Powers of Attorney, online.

Documents designed to meet your needs and the highest legal standards.

All of our documents have been designed by experienced North Carolina attorneys to meet the highest legal standards. We’ve applied decades of in-person experience and expert estate planning skills, so you can quickly and easily customize your documents for your specific needs. Plus every estate plan includes a 30 minute review with a lawyer at The Elderlaw Firm.

Built by attorneys, customized by you.

NC Estate Plans is designed for people seeking a simple, streamlined and complete process at do-it-yourself pricing. Our plans start at just $350. You can complete your plan in about 15 minutes. You’ll also get a 30 minute attorney review. Start today to gain peace mind by making your wishes known and better protecting your family and loved ones.

Starting at $550

Will Based Estate Plan

A plan for your children and assets, and naming someone who can make financial and medical decisions for you in case you can’t someday.


Powers of Attorney Only

Lower priced for when you don’t need a new Will and just want to name who steps in if you can’t make financial or medical decisions.

Get started today.

You’ll be glad you did. NC Estate Plans is fast, secure and easy to use. Quickly customize your own Will and Powers of Attorney to benefit yourself, your family and loved ones.