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This is a plan for what happens if you die and what happens if you don’t die but need someone to make decisions for you. Both parts are important, but too many people just get a Will and never plan for what happens if they are in an accident or become sick and need help with finances or medical care.

This also names who will look after your children if minors, and specify your health care wishes in documents that are customized for North Carolina law.



People who wish to to better protect their children will want a Children’s Trust included in their Will-based plan. Why? Because the basic Will designates who will be Guardians of your minor children…but the Guardianship ends when the child turns age 18 and becomes an adult. Most parents understand an 18-year-old is not going to make good money decisions and is likely to lose their inheritance just when they need it the most.

That’s why we offer the Children’s Trust. This is built into your Will and keeps a child’s inheritance safter longer.

You would name a Trustee to look after the Children’s Trust. That is someone you name, and it is not a bank.

The Trustee manages the trust until the child is older, perhaps 25 or 30, or even age 35. Plus you could allow the child to have their inheritance in two stages, instead of getting it all at once. The terms of the Children’s Trust allow the money to be used for the child at any time but it is in the Trustee’s discretion, not the child’s until the child is old enough.

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